Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sketches for Project II

Here are some rough sketches for Project 2. I decided to go with showing a section of an aqueduct because with an aqueduct the viewer is allowed the chance to wonder were it starts, where it ends and why it was built there, amongst other questions. The sketches are pretty rough and the perspective is off but the general idea is there. The last sketch is pretty close to what I envision for my final composition. I'm not to sure where I should start with this but I think I might have to use a lattice for the arches and weight painting for the mountains. Two things that I don't know much about, so the idea may change a bit depending on how well that will go.


After talking with the group about composition it was decided that the sundial/other element took away from the main focus and was unnecessary, which as our guideline's for the project decree, is not allowed. So, as it stands that element will not be apart of the final image.

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