Monday, June 7, 2010

Animation Idea

So I realized that I never talked about what my animation is about or where its coming from. The idea comes from the subject of dreams, which was one of the prompts that the class was given, that and absence. Now instead of making a dream narrative I decided to look at the idea of the dream cycle. My plan is to make a minimalistic geometric abstract animation that describes the sleep cycle. Using the shapes I'm taking the animation through the cycles of sleep, N1, N2, N3 and REM. In N1 it's a slow simple start where the viewer eases in to the subconscious. In N2 the grid of conscious awareness starts to break down and disappear. N3 is when things like night terrors happen so I will start using sharper shapes like triangles to express this feeling. Then the longest part of dreaming happens, REM, here I will explore the most vivid part of dreaming. Then it's the waking up part. In a way the animation is a dream about the dream cycles, if that makes any sense.

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