Friday, June 11, 2010

The Idea

I talked about my idea earlier, but I feel that I should go into it a little more as somethings have changed. When people ask, I explain that my idea as an abstract representation of a dream about a dream cycle. I'm interested in how shapes found in minimalistic and Russian constructivist work convey a feeling or idea and I wanted to explore that. I researched sleep cycles and tried to portray each cycle in its own way. In the first part it starts off slowly to follow the N1 stage where drowsy sleep occurs. Then into N2 where conscious awareness of the external environment disappears the animation speeds up a bit. When N3 occurs I start to use a faster pace and sharper shapes. Then back to N2 where it slows down a bit. Then going into REM where I use more rounded shapes. I timed it to a song and tried to match it to the beat. That is basically the idea behind the animation.

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